The Best Metamagic Feats Pathfinder Characters


In the world of tabletop role-playing games, few things are optional and yet as impactful as metamagic feats. For the uninitiated, metamagic feats are special abilities that let you often modify the effects of your spells in significant ways. From extending the duration of your spells to making them harder to resist, there’s a lot you can do with metamagic feats.

This blog post will run through some of the best metamagic feats for Pathfinder characters, explaining what they do and when you should use them. By the end, you’ll better understand how these powerful abilities work and how they can help you optimize your character build. So, which is the best metamagic feats pathfinder? Let’s jump in to find out!

Best Metamagic Feats for Pathfinder Characters

Extend Spell:

One of the most commonly used metamagic feats, Extend Spell, lets you double the duration of any spell that has a duration measured in rounds. This is particularly useful for spells like buffs and debuffs that you want to keep going for as long as possible. It’s also worth taking if you know you’re going to be in combat for extended periods of time and need your spells to last longer than usual.

Empower Spell:

Empower Spell allows you to increase the potency of your spells by 50%. Damage-dealing spells will deal more damage, while debuffs will be more effective at sapping an enemy’s strength. Like Extend Spell, Empower comes with a level increase (in this case, two levels), so use it sparingly until you have more high-level spell slots available.

Maximize Spell:

You might think that Maximize Spell would simply double the effects of a spell, but it actually does something a little different. Rather than doubling the numerical effects of a spell, Maximize Spell ensures that all variable effects are maximized.

Quicken Spell:

Arguably the most popular and widely used metamagic feat, Quicken Spell lets you cast any spell as a swift action rather than a standard one. This means you can cast two spells in one turn rather than just one, giving you a significant tactical advantage in combat situations.

Silent Spell:

SilentSpell is perfect for wizards who want to cast their spells without drawing attention to themselves. Whether you’re trying to sneak up on guards or simply don’t want to alert your enemies to your presence, SilentSpell can be invaluable. That being said, because it requires so much concentration to cast silently, this feat increases the level of affected spells by two levels.


StillSpell works much like SilentSpell but with one key difference—it doesn’t require concentration to maintain. This makes it perfect for wizards who want to cast defensively or move around while still being able to easily fire off their spells. Unfortunately, StillSpell also comes with a hefty two-level increase…just like SilentSpell.

In the end

There are dozens of different metamagic feats available in Pathfinder, each with its own unique effect. While some are more useful than others, all of them can be helpful in specific situations.

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